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Corporate Social Investment


A Corporate Social Investment Initiative is no longer a function that can be run in isolation. Key to Redefine Human Capital’s CSI strategy is deliberate partnerships with reputable non-profit organisations aimed at addressing social and economic disparities and responding to government’s developmental priorities. Redefine Human Capital actively supports CSI initiatives that: support social development (disability and women empowerment) as well as encourage education.

In partnership with Visions of Joy, which is a non-profit voluntary association we have been involved in conducting charitable work within communities by supporting orphanages and facilitating a Mentoring and Tutoring program. Our theme in 2013 is Education - This year we want to focus more on making a difference in the education sector, where we believe we can add and derive the most value.

Contribute to building a better South Africa by sponsoring a school as part of your CSI initiative. Contact Redefine Human Capital for more information.