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Talent Acquisition

At Redefine Human Capital we passionately believe that, first and foremost, our job is to deliver top-quality service that exceeds client expectations.

Our commitment to quality is evident throughout the search assignment. From the moment you meet a Redefine Human Capital consultant to the moment he or she completes the recruitment of your next top performer, you will be educated, communicated with, attended to and served with an intensity and authenticity not common in the executive search field. Redefine Human Capital consultants are dedicated to making your executive search experience is a seamless success from beginning to end.

We will typically recommend the use of a mix of approaches as is appropriate. Our unique "Four-Way Methodology", encompassing search, selection, portfolio networking and the internet effectively scours the whole market for talent and forms our preferred method and thoroughly searches a market for active, semi-passive and passive talent ensuring you reach the best possible talent, not just the available talent.

Executive Search
A direct "headhunt" approach into a pre-selected and researched target market. We source candidates that match your skill set and your corporate culture. We use our database of information to help identify companies that might employ a suitable candidate.

We then use our contacts to determine which candidates have established themselves as being "best in the field". We follow a competency interview process to ensure that you have the greatest chance to successfully hire the candidate that you want and finally we negotiate on your behalf with the candidate.

Employing this methodology is ultimately more expedient, efficient and effective. We provide strict confidentiality, an extensive network of contacts, objectivity in candidate evaluation, and negotiation experience and expertise.

Selection Advertising
This is often used in conjunction with a search campaign to reach a wide market of talent / diverse demographic and disparate geographic. This is invaluable when candidates are located remotely, a disparate population, or are field based. Advertised selection also allows us to help you achieve true diversity and equality in the selection process. It is an excellent marketing exercise for your product / service and can be used to generate benchmarks for internal talent applications.

Database / Portfolio Networking / Cross Border Searches
We share information internally ensuring that each relevant consultant can assist on a search. Over 20% of our assignments filled via sharing information between offices or consultants, not something widely practiced to this level of success elsewhere in our industry. By pooling our resources in each locality we can initiate seamless cross border searches across a region to secure the best talent for a role.