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Organisation Development

Our aim is to promote your organisation’s capacity to change and ascend to new pinnacles of effectiveness. Our approach is outcomes-based, centred on enhanced customer satisfaction and employee engagement to cultivate improved financial performance.


Organisations are viewed holistically as systems within a context of the broader business environment. In line with an organisation’s unique requirements, diagnosis can occur at organisational, business unit and/ or individual level. The focus at each level is organisational efficacy, team efficacy and individual success respectively.


  • Customised Interventions
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Small Business Development


Interventions are based on the outcomes of the diagnosis phase. Redefine Human Capital designs and implements interventions that are aligned with specific organisational needs and goals.

Customised training

We provide customised training in line with training needs identified through organisational diagnosis. We offer SETA accredited training programmes. The benefit (of accredited training programmes) to your organization is the ability to claim back a percentage of the training expenses against the Skills Development Levy (SDL).


  • Customised Training
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Training Assessment
  • Moderation