What we do

How we add value

We create environments inspired by love to support and empower humanity to achieve greatness. We are a fully accredited training provider with the SETA’s. Redefine Human Capital Training Academy has been awarded FULL ACCREDITATION as a Provider of Education and Training with the Services Seta and MICT Seta. We have been audited on our quality process and surpassed all the industry requirements with regard to our training material, methodology, facilitator qualifications and customer service systems. Our expert trainers will provide support and guidance to clients.

 Our prime role is to assist our clients to identify needs, develop an action plan and facilitate change to enhance the success of your organization.  Our management, human resource, and training services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, communication and employee morale.

Our team aims to contribute significantly to human capital development across the continent with its main focus being South Africa. Redefine Human Capital is committed to providing services that will enable our clients to optimise the development and use of human capital so as to achieve their strategic objectives. 

How our BEE level 1 status can help your business

Being 100% black Women owned business, means that being a Level 1 BEE company certainly deepens our transformational role in South Africa. In addition, we’re thrilled that our rating also improves the competitiveness of our clients and suppliers. Indeed, it offers benefits to everyone in our supply chain both financially and in terms of increasing their own BEE scores.

Companies that procure only from Level 1 suppliers spend less but claim more: for every R1.00 our customers spend with us they can claim R1.35 against their own preferential procurement scoring. Choosing to use a Level 1 supplier or work with a Level 1 customer means that clients and service providers alike improve their own scores. Only companies that are Level 1 rated can provide these advantages

As a company, transformation is important to us. We specialise in transforming the careers of our candidates and the businesses of our clients, but it is not only in these obvious areas that we care.

We are also serious about being part of the transformation of South Africa. Our BEE status is a very clear demonstration of our commitment to our country and, in turn, demonstrates the commitment of the clients and suppliers who seek out Level 1 business partners. We care deeply about being a good employer and Level 1 status signals this with great clarity. Of course we are always interested in growth, not just for our clients and candidates but for ourselves too. BEE Level 1 sharpens our competitive edge, not least because it opens us up to new government clients which gives us greater credibility.

In South Africa today, merely complying with BEE legislation is not good enough. BEE is not about hanging a certificate on your wall. Companies that are serious about South Africa, its development as a nation and the growth of its businesses, need to demonstrate their commitment.

Why us?

At Redefine Human Capital, we strive to create a long-lasting relationship by providing training interventions and people management solutions that address our client’s needs. This helps us to deliver practical, effective solutions that will give them a razor-sharp competitive edge.

We are experienced in delivering complex and difficult training projects and people management solutions on time, on budget, and on the mark. Our consulting is not just advice—we help make our recommendations actually happen.