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We are an accredited learning institution specialising in Training and Learnership initiatives focussed on the BBBEE codes of good practice. Redefine Human Capital renders excellent and affordable need specific training to all companies.

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Learnerships are of a specified nature, level and duration (usually one year) resulting in a nationally recognised qualification. Learnerships are provided by
employers (both large and small) in conjunction with the learner, the relevant
SETA (sector education and training authority), and or an accredited training provider.
Generally, learnerships are work based and enable successful, competent
learners the opportunity to progress in a job. Each learner is required to enter into
a standard contract, obtainable through a SETA, which regulates the learnership
process. Through our strategic structure, specialising in Learnerships or short courses, we can run any number of abled or disabled learners in any industry both employed
or unemployed by an organisation. Being an accredited provider we assure that our clients are eligible for TAX rebate referred to in The Income Tax Act of R80’000 per abled learner and R120’000 per disabled learner.

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The purpose of this qualification is to enhance readiness and provide entry into the areas of Systems Development at NQF level 5. It prepares learners for entry into the workplace or as undergraduate study in the Systems Development areas covered, providing them with the necessary knowledge needed for further study in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Sciences at Higher Education level.

The qualification is addressing the need in the workplace for nationally recognised qualifications, based on unit standards, that will allow people with workplace experience in the Systems Development areas covered, to request assessments and get recognition for prior learning.

A qualifying learner will be able to communicate effectively with fellow IT staff & users of information technology, understanding the role of technology in a business context and to be able to address business problems with appropriate information technology solutions. Learners will be able to apply the principles of creating computer software by carrying out, under limited supervision, a task of reasonable size to demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge, techniques & skills needed in one or more area of majoring/specialisation that the qualification offers.

A qualifying learner at this level will be a well-rounded IT professional, building on foundational technical skills acquired at NQF level 4, via the National Certificate in IT Technical Development or equivalent. This qualification is expanding the systems development foundation started at NQF level 4 into specialisation fields within systems development, in one or more of the following disciplines:

Procedural Programming.
Object Oriented Programming.
Fourth Generation Language Programming.
Web site development.
Electronic Commerce.

The qualification is designed to:

Provide qualified learners with an undergraduate entry into the fields of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Computer Sciences, specialising in the Systems Development area.
Prepare qualified learners for initial employment into the ICT and related industries. Qualified learners will have a solid understanding of computer industry concepts and to able to work in areas of Systems Development with intermediate technical complexity.
Allow the credits achieved in National Certificates relating to Information Technology at NQF level 4 to be used as prior learning for this qualification, where applicable.
Allow people with workplace experience in the Systems Development areas covered, to request assessments and get recognition for prior learning.
Allow the qualification to be acquired in the traditional way of formal study as well as in the workplace, through Learnerships Schemes or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
Assist with professionalisation across the Information Technology Sector. It is intended to allow qualified learners to gain membership of registered professional bodies in the ICT industry.


The New Venture Creation training is designed to equip existing staff interested in corporate intrapreneurship or staff affected with retrenchments with key entrepreneurial concepts. The training exposes staff to basic business concepts, technical training and critical, creative and conceptual thinking techniques through tools and methodologies. Learners have an opportunity to validate their ideas and assumptions and conduct the necessary research to complete the business models. Learners are able to get their credits towards a New Venture Creation Qualification.

The high level format of the programme will include the following key modules:

Block 1: 5 Lenses Assessment and Debrief

Block 2: Idea Validation (What is the bright idea) and Innovation

Block 3: Building my business (Let’s bring it to life) – Business Model Canvases

Block 4: Design Thinking and Human Centred Design

Block 5: Creative Thinking & Innovation

Block 6: Negotiating for Results

Block 7: Critical Thinking

This training focuses on business acumen and relationships as this Qualification meets the needs of society by, primarily, providing persons who are able to apply the fairly complex knowledge and skills required to be an Intrapreneur and thus contribute to the economic upliftment of themselves, their community and thereby the nation as a whole. The participants will develop a sound foundation for the application of these skills and knowledge to explore a diverse range of Business Development opportunities.

The Training is designed to provide learners with creative, conceptual and critical thinking in solving for everyday problems and challenges as well as an understanding of the future skills required for the new way of work in order to prepare them for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The ideal target market for this customise learnership is participants interested in shifting the innovation agenda through the use of technology and who embrace entrepreneurial leadership principals. It is also targeted to staff that have been affected with retrenchments to gain a better understanding of the new way of work and to gather skills required to fulfil future roles within the digital and technologically focused areas. The successful learner will develop a sound foundation for the application of these skills and knowledge to explore a diverse range of entrepreneurial opportunities.

This Skills Programme is conducted against registered Unit Standards of New venture Creation learnership, this means that on successful completion of the Skills Programme, the participants will obtain a formal recognition for the Unit Standard(s), in line with the courses undertaken. The accumulation of credit-bearing Skills Programmes may lead to or contribute towards a full qualification.

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Mentoring and Assessments

Enneagram Assessments

 We specialise in Enneagram assessments, products, services and solutions for individuals, teams and organizations. We Focus on Human Development, and in particular, the building of Personal Mastery, resulting in extraordinary outcomes for individuals, leaders and teams. Enneagram-based insight has the ability to reflect deep motivators and change behaviours, giving it great power in the context of a complex adaptive system such as a team or organization  

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Narrative Coaching

Narrative coaching’s mindful, experiential, and holistic approach helps people shift their stories about themselves, others, and life itself to create new possibilities and new results. We enable coaches to shed much of what they thought coaching had to be so they can engage more fully and simply with other human beings. It is about radical presence in the moment, pivots not goals, and what we like to call ‘serious play.’ Developed through 20+ years of study and experimentation, narrative coaching blends principles and practices from psychology and anthropology, ancient wisdom and design thinking to offer a unique and powerful process. Its deep roots and integrative approach means that people can create more sustainable results in less time.

Executive Coaching

Are you at a crossroads in your career and looking for a change?Our certified career coaches all have leadership backgrounds and have experienced their own career changes so they understand the challenges you may be facing. Our coaches can help you to increase your self-awareness, clarify your purpose, and align your life and career goals to what matters most.

Career Coaching

Redefine Human Capital’s Executive Coaching has a proven approach that helps build the resilience, motivation and communication skills to enhance your performance and increase your capacity to be an effective and wise leader. We coach our clients to discover, grow, take risks, create, and thrive in today’s complex world. Looking to develop your leadership skills for greater success? Contact our experienced and certified Executive Coaches.

Ennea Certified – Five Lens Practitioner™

The foundation of The Nine Essentials ™ for building high performing teams, starts with our first 3 essentials: establishing an Understanding of Self, Others and My Team. This foundation allows the rest of the Skilful Conversation series to flow.

Certified Business Advisor

GrowthWheel is a visual toolbox and a cloud based platform for advisors and entrepreneurs to collaborate and make businesses grow. Every business needs a business advisor and every business advisor needs a platform for a productive relationship.
For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners:
Get Helpful Advice by Relating to a trusted advisor.
Grow your company profitable by making the right decisions.
Reach your potential through faster execution.

Accredited Purposeful Teams facilitator

Enabling purposeful, collaborative teams for consistent, reliable and sustainable
performance. In today’s complex business environments, organisations depend on
teams to achieve strategic objectives. A powerful and participative team development intervention that moves teams to purpose-led execution. The intervention is applicable to natural task and project teams at every level of the organisation, utilising a team building process that adapts to the organisation’s and the team’s context.

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